About R-ECO


Our Mission

Our mission is to make the life of each individual easier contributing not only to the every-day purchasing process but keeping our planet Earth green, clean and prospering. 

It's a life-changing philosophy of one’s lifestyle, mindset, and behavior of keeping loyalty to re-usable packaging items.

Our History

The history of our company starts in 2019 when we decided to create modern and Eco-saving everyday packaging solutions. We are proud of our mission and the high-quality products we are planning to provide. Our personnel is qualified and inspired by our passion to make the life of our customers easier, environment-conscious and contributing to major humanity goals.

Our company’s principles are:

- understand our customers’ needs in terms of packaging;

- use only Eco-friendly raw materials of the highest quality;

- provide comfort in our product;

- value our clients and their loyalty;

- constantly improving our expertise;

- grow our knowledge and upgrade our products;

- expanding our business nationwide/worldwide.

What's behind it?

The world is full of plastic waste and efforts to minimize the use of plastic and other forms of packaging are endless. People constantly searching for ways to provide simple and effective cleaning solutions without the worry of petrochemicals and single-use plastic packaging.

By providing a service that allows consumers to bring in their own clean, reusable containers and fill it in one of our many environmentally friendly bulk stations, we helping them to save time and money with the bonus of not contributing to the local landfills and recycling depots. Whenever possible, our products are delivered straight to consumers. We also offer the growing selection of reusable plastic-free home-care items.