Big Supermarket Concerns of Zero-Waste Shopping


Sylvain Charlebois, Dalhousie University professor and food distribution researcher, wrote in an article that 40 per cent of what people put in their grocery carts results in food waste. Read more

R-ECO Launches Creative Packaging Solution


R-ECO to start manufacturing and partnerships for eco-friendly packaging in Canada. Read more

Retail Refill Business Opens in Edmonton


Two Edmonton entrepreneurs are hoping to reduce plastic consumption with a new zero-waste retail store. Read more

Reducing Waste in 2020


2020 is set to be a transitional year for many Canadian consumers and businesses as they adopt new measures to minimize plastic and other forms of waste that clog landfills. Read more

Sing-use Plastics Bans Proposed


Vancouver city council has approved new by-laws targeting waste and litter from single-use items such as plastic shopping bags, disposable cups, utensils and plastic straws. Read more

Montreal Zero-Waste Challenge


Last year, more than 900,000 tonnes of waste was produced on the island of Montreal. Four years ago, only 40 per cent of waste was recycled. The goal is to increase that to 70 per cent by 2025. Read more

Retail Reducing Waste


The Nickel Refillery will be a place where you can shop for things such as shampoo, hand soap and window cleaner in bulk, but you will need to either bring, borrow or buy your own reusable container. Read more

MP Proposes Zero-waste Packaging Bill


NDP MP Nathan Cullen tabled the Zero-Waste Packaging Act in Parliament Wednesday, which is aimed at all consumer product packaging with the goal of reducing waste and cutting the cost municipalities pay for landfills. Read more

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