About Us

Our Manifesto

Vancouver, we have a problem.  Actually, the whole world does.

The need to act on our global plastic problem is non-negotiable at this stage of the human story.

The destructive status quo of producing/delivering consumer products to people in unsustainable packaging ends up compounding our landfills, destroying earth’s habitats, and suffocating our oceans and wildlife.

While global multi-billion dollar players take their time planning new strategies to growing consumer awareness, we chose to lead by example by becoming the change we desperately need to see.

We started R-eco as a stance to actively reject outdated systems of disposable packaging and unsustainable product models.

We’ve said no to single use.
We invite you to join us and do the same.

Our Mission

Since we don’t often see the damage first-hand, it’s convenient and easy to live our daily lives oblivious to what is happening to our planet.

We have the power to to put an end to destructive behaviors by leading the way towards better alternative solutions.

Our mission is to leverage creativity, responsibility and action towards re-imagining household consumer products.

Join us in rethinking the way we consume,
Say no to single-use, Say yes to R-eco

Our Team

We ourselves come from a variety of different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. Diversity is baked into our foundation as a company. We are fully committed to embracing and celebrating the beautiful rich dimensions of diversity contained within each and every member of our R-eco family.


 Seyed Hamed Aghili Mehrpadin

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammadhossein Fereydoonfar

Chief Technical Officer

Amirhesam Motahari Asl

Chief Operating Officer

Seyed Gholamreza Aghili Mehrpadin

Business Development Director