Where is the delivery coverage?

We intend to cover downtown Vancouver, and more coverage along the way.

How does the delivery work?

You select a time slot for delivery/refill and our delivery personnel will take the old basket and replace it with the refilled one.

What are the containers made of?

Our containers are made of glass and are industrially washed after every use; disinfected and sanitized according to Covid protocols.

What’s the delivery cost?

Delivery will be free for purchases above $40, and for smaller baskets, there’s a $2.00 environment tax.

What happens if I'm not home at the time of delivery?

You can cancel your delivery up to 20 minutes before arrival or leave your basket behind the door for our delivery personnel to collect (if your buzzer can be accessed remotely).

What is R-eco's part in the mission of saving the environment?

R-eco delivers local products using electric bikes and that by itself saves thousands of gallons of fuel that would otherwise be used for transport. 

Together we will reduce household garbage by replacing our plastic containers and paper and plastic bags with functional clean re-usable ones designed for their use.

Where do R-eco products come from?

Our suppliers are all Vancouver based and locally produced.

Are there deposits for the containers?

To encourage our subscribers to be more conscious about the containers in circulation, every account is charged with a one-time $5 deposit upon purchase and will be refunded upon cancelation of subscription.